211A Dexter L. Woods Memorial Boulevard, Waynesboro, TN 38485 | aeddins@aehomemedical.com

Adult & Pediatric Hospice in Waynesboro, TN.

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible care, while sharing God's love, one patient at a time.

Volunteer Hospice, Inc. of Waynesboro, Tennessee is the best choice for care when a cure is no longer possible. Care is focused on pain relief, symptom management and emotional supportive services.

Patients are encouraged to stay as active as possible, including away from home activities.

Hospice care must be ordered by a physician. Volunteer Hospice, Inc. is always available to talk to patients and caregivers about hospice care before services are ordered by a physician.


Services Offered

• Routine nursing visits
• CNA/ Nurse Aide Visits
• Symptom and Pain Management
• Medical Supplies
• Medical Equipment
• Medication related to hospice diagnosis plus comfort medications
• Nutritional Supplements
• Emotional Support
• Spiritual Support
• RN On-Call 24 hours everyday
Our team includes:
Medical Director, Patient Attending Physician, Skilled Nurses, Certified Nurse Aides, Social Worker, Chaplain, and Volunteers